Gold Squad


Ages 11-13

Swimmers in Gold squad are generally 11 – 13 years of age , able to swim all four strokes and sustain basic technique throughout training sessions.  They are motivated to try new challenges and build their general and race fitness. With greater challenge in training and competition, cognitive and emotional understanding is developed. Mental preparation is introduced.  Even though swimming may be a favoured sport at these ‘learn to train’ and ‘train to train’stages, continued  alternate activity is still encouraged for its benefits to overall athletic ability. As much as 50% of the week’s physical activity should be non-swimming.   Skill learning at this level generally takes 2 to 4 years. Swimmers in Gold squad have four pool practices per week for 60 to 90 minutes, and one to three land training session per week.

Gold squad swimmers will compete at NS Age Group short course, and if qualified long course, development meets.  Learning to focus on process driven goals is important to refining technique, learning about race plans, and beginnning to assess performnce.  Age Group development meets are usually scheduled once per month over two days on a weekend and will involve some out-of-town travel.  The swim meets include racing in short course (25m pools) and long course (50m pools) events over the full season which runs from September to June or July.


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Lauren Ching

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Leila Bautista