Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions ​​​​​​​

Your fee covers all coaching costs, pool usage fees, Swim Nova Scotia Fees, Crusaders Swim Gear (Shirt, Cap, Swimsuit) and Nova Scotia Meet Entry Fees.

What else will I have to pay aside from my registration fees? 

Your fee does not include equipment and transport, food and accommodation costs for meets. This would include hotel if it is overnight (not usually required for Novatech meets). Many people car-pool to meets to reduce expenditures. Additionally, if your swimmer qualifies for meets above the Nova Scotia Champs qualifying times, they will be charged an additional meet entry fees for each competition.  Any additional coaching or training fees associated with training through the summer will be determined on an annual basis by the Board of Directors.

What Equipment is included in my fee?

For full time swimmers, a team cap (latex), team technical shirt and training suit are included in your fees. Other equipment may also be needed depending on the level of the swimmer, which may include: goggles, a racing suit, other training suits, other team gear, such as long sleeve shirt, track suit, hoody, shorts, find and snorkel. See the equipment page for more details and prices suit size reference chart suitsizinginformation.pdf It is the responsibility of the family to purchase the extra equipment needed.

Where can I get the other equipment or clothing?

Some equipment may be purchased from the equipment manager, such as silicone and latex swim caps, Club-approved fins and snorkels and extra training suits, swim caps and technical shirts. At advertised times of the year, the Club will offer make special orders for Club clothing. Some additional optional equipment can be purchased through Please use the coupon code crusaders in your check out cart to get an additional 15% of purchases. Our club will then get a credit for purchasing team equipment so please tell your friends and family.

What is Novatech?

Novatech is a category for typically younger competitive swimmers with the focus on technique and short duration speed. A swimmer graduates into Age Group and Invitational meets once he/she has attained a performance level in the 200 IM, 200 free and a 25 meter kick.

What is the progression of competitive swimming in Nova Scotia?

The progression of swimming in Nova Scotia is explained in the Swim NS LTAD Descriptors of Competition Levels – Revised January 2015

What are the qualifying times to enter the more competitive levels of swimming?

Different levels and meets have different qualifying times. Here is a link to the most common ones

Where do I find my child’s swim times?

If I do not attend swim meets, will I pay a reduced fee?

In general, No. The Crusaders philosophy is to encourage involvement in the sport of swimming. Registration fees include meet entry fees (charged by the hosting club to cover pool costs) and coaching at all meets entered by the team. For meets that involve coach travel and coaching fee will be charged to all entrants to help cover the cost of additional coaching expenses (travel, accommodation,perdiem). The Crusaders Head Coach will outline the list of meets at the beginning of each season.

Why are there different fees for Novatech and AgeGroup?

The difference in the NovaTech and AgeGroup fees are directly associated with the differences in meet costs for these two categories. Should a swimmer graduate from NovaTech to Age Group during the swimming season, their additional prorated meet fees will be added to their swimming fees.

Is there a non-competitive category?

We do offer a non-competitive program, on a space available basis.  Practice sessions are fixed and space may be limited. The non-competitive option is designed more for younger, developing swimmers; experience has shown that swimmers cannot keep up to full-time swimmers in the more senior squads.

How will my fees be affected if my swimmer moves to a higher squad during the year?

Your fees will be adjusted to reflect the increased pool and coaching time. A calculation will be made pro-rated over the remainder of the swim season.

How do I get credit for volunteering?

If you have volunteered with the Club, for example, officiated in any way at a swim meet, then send this information to .  It is each family’s responsibility to report their hours. The information will then be posted to your volunteer credit account and balanced against the number of points required for your swimmers’ level in the Club and your year with the Club [link to this section in registration form]. The status of the balance in your account will be confirmed by email every time you report volunteer time. You may sign up for volunteering opportunities by reading our weekly news updates and using the sign up sheets provided

What is the training policy for summer vs. winter swimmers?

The policy is set out on the Swim NS website under Summer Season

What do officials do on deck?

Descriptions for various officials may be found under the Resources section on the Swimming Canada website.

How can I become an official?

The Crusaders offers regular training workshops for various officials. Check out this section on the website for upcoming events and to sign up for a course. In some cases, Clubs will offer combined sessions for higher level officials’ courses.