Crusader Playground

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Playground is a pre-competitive program offered once a week for 30 minutes over a ten-week period.  It is focused on almost continuous action and activity to help children learn 5 core skills – balance, buoyancy, breathing, sculling hand motion, and leg propulsion.  These are then combined to build strokes and stamina.

Participants need to have completed Level 3 of the swim lessons at Zatzman (Level 4 at Cole Harbour Place or be in YMCA 'Swimmer;) to be  ready for the Playground program.  This translates into being able to swim a length on their front, swim a length on their back, kick a length with a kick board; jump in off the side and exhale under water (blow bubbles) and be ready to try new things along with listening to instruction. The age group for Playground generally ranges from 5 to 10 years.  All swimmers will do a screening before being able to register for the program.

Through games children develop the core skills which provide the foundation for any aquatic activity.  Our aim is that they will love swimming and want to continue into the sport by joining the Crusaders.



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Alex Jonsen-Humble