Sobeys Gift Card Fundraiser

The Sobeys gift card fundraiser allows families to earn credit towards their MFC. Every month, DCSC families will be given the opportunity to purchase Sobeys’ gift cards through the club.  Orders must be in $50 increments and are usually due around the 20thof the month.

We offer cards in denominations of $200, $100 and $50. If your order does not specify card denominations, your order amount will be filled with the least possible number of cards. In special circumstances, we can offer denominations of $10 and $25 as long as the total order is an increment of $50 - $10 cards in multiples of five, $25 in multiples of two. Some examples of special circumstances – you need a number of smaller denominations for gift giving (friends & family, charity donations, employee incentives) or reselling to others.

5% of each order will be credited to families’ MFC accounts.  Payment can be made by e-transfer (to the email address The order process is detailed below.

Gift cards are usually distributed in the first week of the month during designated swim practices.  Alternate arrangements for gift card pickup can also be made by emailing

If the club monthly order is over $20K, the club will also receive an extra 1% percent. If we are close to that figure, I will often make an appeal to families to see if we can reach that amount. In pre-Covid years, we managed to make the $20K every month from October to June - our order total were usually a bit over $200K, with families receiving over $10K for their MFC credits, and the club getting an additional amount of just under $2000. 

Sobeys gift certificates are accepted in all Sobeys locations across Canada, Lawton’s Drugs, Fast Fuel and Needs outlets, as well as Shell stations with Needs stores.  Please note that the Sobeys Gift Card site now advises that "Corporate gift cards cannot be used to buy third party gift cards."  For Scene Points collectors, note that you will receive your Scene Points when using the gift cards for payment.  With just a little bit of planning, you can get credit against your MFC for many of your usual household purchases. 

Your Sobeys fundraiser coordinators are Andrea Segovia and Gary Somerton. We have one child (Sam) in Senior this year and can often be found during drop-offs and pick-ups, so please feel free to approach and ask questions.  You can also email inquiries to .

Ordering Instructions

We are now completely hands-free (and therefore Covid-safe) on the payment side of things – using etransfers for all orders.  As a result, I would like to make a small change to the process to lessen the workload for everyone.

Step 1: Send etransfer payment to the with “Sobeys Monthname 2021 ” in the message field.
Step 2: Most banks will provide a confirmation that your etransfer has been deposited by email once the transaction clears. When you receive your email confirmation, please forward this message to and include your order details at the top of the message.

If you wish to specify card denominations, make sure you include that information in your message. If no card information is included, I will fill your order with the least number of cards possible.

We offer cards in denominations of $200, $100 and $50. In special circumstances, I can also do denominations of $10 and $25 as long as the total order is an increment of $50 - $10 cards in multiples of five, $25 in multiples of two..

An example of how to specify order details is given below – a sample forwarded message with the email confirmation can be found here in either PDF format or Word format.:

Swimmer: Jane Doe
Squad: Blue NT
Total Order: $600
1 @ $200
2 @ $100
4 @ $50

If you do not get email confirmations, a screenshot of the etransfer status from your online/mobile banking will do. Please edit out any bank account numbers!!

Step 3: Watch your email for your order confirmation. If you do not receive an order confirmation by the date specified in the Splash notice, please email right away!

Step 4: Check out Splash for card distribution details.